How we work

Crafting the perfect balance between unmatched comfort and captivating aesthetics.

We believe that every family, every independent person, every office, and every business establishment should own at least one crafted table that goes beyond just its day-to-day function. It should add value to your life and make the things you do on top of it meaningful and filled with purpose. At Hector Table, we handcraft the table you will use to make life more fulfilling for you and for others.

Hector dining table

The process.

From sketching the design, selecting the materials, the actual creation process, to installation, each step is performed to make it obvious that our tables are not just daily furniture. 

The materials.

Sustainable premium quality European wood is what we use to bring to life the ideas we have for the perfect table. The materials meet today’s standards for both protection, environment, and health. We create with the idea that the Earth is abundant in resources, yet we only take what we need.

The team.

Skillful woodworkers and artisans put so much love and passion into each Hector table. By the time you have our expertly crafted table in your interior, we want you to feel that you have made the right choice. That you have invested in a table that not only looks great but will also provide unmatched service to you for the years to come.



Pedestal on lathe
The quality.

More than a captivating piece of work that captures the eyes and the heart, our tables are made to be a lasting investment. Our creation process is deeply rooted with the idea that furniture should be both practical and stylish. They are made to be of service to you for years without losing its almost magical appeal.

The delivery.

We love to see how you will react once our carefully handcrafted tables are placed in your interior. So we made it part of our process to be the one to install them for you wherever you want. It is a priceless moment for us to see clients more than satisfied with our creations. And we want that experience to be embedded within every premium table we deliver and install.


Browse our collection and inspire us to make that one crafted table for your interior.

Hector table assembly